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The  ALtech ALline C labeling machine is ideal for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical packages, typically food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, in plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars etc.

ALline C can use various types of conveyors for product transport, both slatted (in plastic or in steel) or belt types, of various sizes. Various different devices are available for product spacing, depending on the required product type and performance.

For wrap-around/adaptation of the label, various specific wrap-around units are available:
- Simple belt type
- Suction belt type
- Roller type
These give the possibility to label in-phase with print registration or elements present on the product itself.

Performance ranges from 80-200 pcs/min (depending on product dimensions and label size), up to 300 pcs/min in dedicated configurations.
The solid and compact base can accommodate ALstep or ALritma series label applicators in an easy-access protective cabinet.

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