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Safety enclosure around upper machine part, with hinged protection covers built in glass panels with stainless steel frames and provided with safety micro-switches stopping the machine when covering doors are opened.

Stronger frame to support HEPA filters.

Rotary table in Stainless Steel AISI 316 to feed the containers to the filling area

Advancement of the bottles due to a double “walking beam” to hold the container during the filling – stoppering – and closing steps.

Checking unit to test the presence of the container. If no bottle is detected the machine will not dose. After 3 consecutive machines will stop automatically.Filling unit composed by one peristaltic pump, volumetric syringe, time/pressure unit or powder dosing head.

One nozzle in AISI 316 to dose. For the nitrogen, a double pipe nozzle will be supplied to blow during (before/after) the filling.

Automatic loading supply equipped with a stainless steel AISI 316 sliding device for the selection, transport and positioning on the bottle of undercap and/or cap.

Presence control of under-cap and/or cap on the bottle. If the control has a negative outcome, the machine stops. Alternatively the machine can reject the defective object.

Automatic closing head.

Basket tray for outfeed containers.

PLC, steel electric panel, machine control panel eventual touch screen.

The internal parts are placed to allow a perfect flow of laminar flow through the working area.

Finishes and components easily sterilizable.

Mechanical out-put: Up to 25 pcs/min.

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