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The Altech ALcode P pallet labeler prints and applies A5 format labels to two consecutive pallet sides (normally front and side, but also to three sides on request). Performance: up to 120 pallets/hour (180 with labeling on one side only).

The ergonomic external structure and control panel integrated into the safety cabinet are key features of ALcode P, which is able to apply labels: two sides (front + side) or three sides (front + side + rear) of the pallets. The applicator can also label pallets with slightly different dimensions, shapes and stopping positions in real time.
For applying two labels (front + side) to pallets of constant dimensions, ALTECH has come up with a reliable applicator which offers a more economical solution. The application system with the rotary movement of the applicator arm and the fact it is motor driven are real innovations.

Labeling of the various sides only requires one pallet stop.

A laser scanner checks that the barcodes are legible and that both labels have been correctly applied, performing a second attempt in the event of an error before generating an alarm to stop the line when necessary.

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