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The ALline E labeling system has been designed to apply one, two or more front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars.
ALLINE E labeling machines can be configured in order to satisfy specific labeling requirements, for instance:

Labeling one or more sides with multiple labels
Front, back and corner labeling
Applying tamper-proof seals to product caps
Partial or complete wraparound labeling
Very high-speed labeling, including non-stop version
Regulating the different units for format/product changes is simple, high-precision and intuitive; the labeler is equipped with a function to save the parameters for a specific label-product combination, so they can be easily recalled using a code.

The performance of ALline E systems can reach 500 pcs/min (depending on the product and label dimensions), or even higher in dedicated configurations.

Their solid and compact base can accommodate two (or more) opposing side ALritma label applicator in an easy-to-access protective cabinet.

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